Game Programming Adventures #2

Well, I’d like to be able to say I got a lot done in the past two days…


(If I could get paid to play Minecraft, I think I’d be a millionaire by now)

Despite letting time-wasters get the best of me, I still managed to do something exciting:


I followed a tutorial on network programming in Unity. After a few hours of hacking at it, I was able to connect to my friends through my game. It was relatively easy to program and even easier to connect. I didn’t have to do scary router stuff like port-forwarding.

With the success of the multiplayer demo, I was inspired to make my Pathfinder-RPG inspired game into a multiplayer adventure. Of course, my time-wasting mode kicked in and I started making irrelevant things for the game like silly user avatars (icons to represent a person online).


I also played around with shaders (code that determines how an object is drawn). I found some free shaders on a unity community site and they had interesting results.


This is a Dithering shader. It seems to reduce the pixel information to only a select color palette with a particular pattern for the pixel arrangement. Not exactly relevant to my game, but since I spent time experimenting with it, I might as well try to find somewhere for it.

I think I’m back on track now. After getting my cup of coffee, I started painting some textures for the floor tiles.


Here is an example of a cobblestone floor. It will probably only serve as a placeholder because I’ve yet to decide on an official color scheme and style.


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