Week 4 Update

Well I feel like everyone is twiddling their thumbs waiting for us to acquire a space to build our installation. Sam has asked me to make a sound track for a 20 second trailer he’s making for the project. Since he had no video prepared for me, I decided to just try what I imagined from our short discussion on what will be happening.


A screenshot of my work in FLstudio, my preferred audio editing software.

My audio demo for the trailer can be listened to on the link above


Week 3 Update

I did get pretty sick over the weekend, but I still made time to produce a 2 minute audio test for our project. I was shooting for a “fog-burst” ambience with various forest noises and people talking. Because it is a demo, there are a few oddities here and there that I will refine for the larger final sound design. For instance, the tapping sound in the middle will have some Equalization (EQ) and pitch adjustments, and the talking at the end should sound less “psychedelic”. Fun fact- I acquired the talking audio at the end by turning on my recorder while our group was deliberating on something. I think it’d be cool to add a little bit of ‘us’ to the sound.

Link to my demo – Dropbox


(A still from Sam’s Fan the Flame demo video. He paired the video with my audio track, but I haven’t been sent a link to that version yet)

Project Update: Week 2

Armed with my Zoom H1 Handy Stereo recorder and my two favorite editing programs, FLstudio and Audacity, I’ve been working on acquiring audio of nature and forests for our project. So far, I have collected some crickets and frogs loops, and a few shorter one-shots (a single distinct sound that is meant to be played only once, or at least very rarely) of various nature things.

My current task is to record some repetitive things people do, like tapping on things or making little noises. Sam has also asked I start trying out musical effects to tie into these repetitive noises. I am not entirely sure which direction he wants to take the musical elements just yet, so I will get more sounds to be prepared.

Outdoors Inside Project

I have been chosen to be the Sound Technician for Burke and Sam’s “Outdoors Inside” project. I am excited to see what I can do with my audio and musical skills.

Ideas for the project:

Rural scene – I think it could be interesting to base the scene in the Hocking Hills forest or perhaps the farmlands along State Route 664. I think it is really beautiful down there compared to the farms you might find along Route 33 or anything else in central Ohio.


(top: map of hocking hills region. bottom: small waterfall lake at Old Man’s Cave)

Urban scene – after some consideration, I’m not too keen on the idea of an urban scene. Assuming this piece will be presented on campus (which is in the city), people may be less excited to see more city around them. A suburban area or another less “downtown” scene could be more entertaining.

Conceptual – Apparently my sound design demos have inspired the director to have our project “go dark”. This would allow me to really experiment with audio instead of simply trying to reproduce outdoor sounds. I imagined dark shapes shooting by suddenly with intense bass-drop kind of sounds and other unusual ambient effects.


(A scene from one of my storyboard projects. Probably nowhere close to what we’re looking for, but just to get the ball rolling)

Pipeline Project: Final Proposal

I have taken note and revised my proposal.


My project idea is to make a 2D animation based on a screenplay I have written. Currently, the screenplay would result in an animation of about 10 minutes, but if my proposal is chosen, I will get right to work trimming out and shortening it to a goal of about 3 minutes.

The screenplay is titled “They Call me Anot”. It is about a young Lisovyek (a species I have created which are basically foxes evolved to humans) who has to make a journey to a foreign clan to protect his own. It is about testing love under intense stress. Will the protagonist, Anot, be able to uphold his marriage after the events that play out on the fateful day his clan is attacked and their best fighter is killed?

Project Overview:

Writer/Director – Seth

I have not named any other members of the group. We will need animators, concept artists, storyboard artist, sound designer, editorial team (documentation), Illustrators or Photographers for the backgrounds. I would also need voice actors.

As it is highly important to me that the characters are designed to my “anatomic rules”, I will be producing a guidesheet to elaborate on how the characters are built and how they look. I will grant creative freedom to stylize the characters as long as they meet my rules.


Production Time:

Week 1: Concept art, story revision, team organization

Week 2: Final story. Storyboards. Animation basic layouts. Background Art.

Week 3: Animation. Sound design and voice acting.

Week 4: Animation.

Week 5: Finalization of animation/composition. Preparation for release.


Pipeline Project

Approaching a project that is to be designed for a team of 15 people to produce is much more daunting than I had expected. Many of my ideas were too much:


#1: A 10 minute animation based on a screenplay I have written for my Screenwriting class.

The reason I see this project not being suitable is the time limit. 10 minutes is a lot of work to do. Cropping the story would in my opinion make it less meaningful. It would take a lot of reworking to make it fit my vision in a shorter duration. If everyone believes we could pull it off, sure. I’d love to work on it.


A very old digital painting of mine (circa 2009) of a character from said story. It is still the only relevant image I have for it.


#2:  A simple video game built in Unity.

I’ve always been interested in working on a small video game with a team of people. I believe many of my classmates have yet to learn or are not interested in working with 3D, so a 2D video game would be acceptable.
I am a capable programmer well learned in the C# language, and could provide programming to power the art and story.


A video game I am currently developing on my own time