I’m probably going to try the Figure as Landscape.

Having some trouble coming up with anything really yet. These ideas have probably been done to death but I’m in a sort of mind block considering the stress of starting school this week. They might be good starting points though, so let’s see where these take me.

I decided against leaving in all the scribbles and messes I made around these sketches because they weren’t meaningful. Just trying to get the juices flowing and it didn’t seem to help this time.



My name is Seth.

I have started this blog for my Design For Media class at CCAD, but I plan to carry forth with it after the class to record my art endeavors. This post was updated for the addition of my Character Design class blog category of fall 2015.

I am an animation major and interested in programming and illustration on the side. My main focus is video game development and 3D films. As a hobbyist, I also compose my own music under the alias foxJunior.

The most important reason I decided to attend art school is so that I can learn the technology and build the networks that will allow me to bring into reality the fictional universe I’ve spent a majority of my life developing. Not to mention I would also hopefully be able to get a head start into the video game industry.