2014 Art Summary


2014 is coming to an end. Personally, I feel like I’ve made large improvements in my art.


Unity Collision Box Macro Extension

Since my tablet is barely inoperable and I’m on winter break now, I can’t work on my comic at the moment. A new tablet should be one of my Christmas presents. So until then, I decided to play around with unity some more.

12_14_14_editorext01 12_14_14_editorext02

After being used to Unreal Engine 4’s collision geometry procedures, coming back to unity led to frustration. In Unity, to make collision geometry for a complex room, I had to drag in new game objects for each “piece” of the room, line it up, remove the rendering component, and add a box collider component. That becomes very time consuming for large levels with multiple room pieces.

I had the idea to program my own editor extension that imitates UE4’s collision object generator. I model the room following the same process I would for a UE4 asset, making collision boxes as part of the model with a standard prefix “UBX_”. Then my script will recursively flip through all the sub-objects in the model’s hierarchy and if the prefix matches “UBX_”, it will remove the rendering component and add a box collider.

Editor Extension Script C# (Unity 4+):

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From Greatness to Dust and Back Again: Chapter 1 (introduction)


I just completed the first issue of my comic series, “From Greatness to Dust and Back Again”.

Check it out on tumblr!

Summary: “What is it to be human?” A science-fiction and philosophical exploration into what constitutes as a sentient being. Life, love, death, terror, and everything in between. Follow a young Lisovyek man named Aleks as he finds his place in the world- an alternate universe populated by species of genetically modified animals.

Keep an eye out for the next issue in a few weeks. If you like it, be sure to follow the blog so you’ll never miss an update.



(a final draft board for one of the pages in my first issue)

Since this is my artist dev blog, I’d like to explain a little behind my process. After putting together my plot outline for the entire series, I started by fleshing out each issue with more elaborate detail. For this issue in particular, I started with the text, “What is it to be human? … ” and then sketched out rough ideas for each board. I then consulted my friend who is much more familiar with comic panels and composition with help on how to refine each board’s layout. I moved to the final “draft” pass, and then a completed paintover. The entire process ranges from a week to two weeks for a single issue.