Sachtberg in UE4: Update

I’ve spent a lot of time figuring out how to use C++ and UE4. So far, I managed to ruin my game and had to start from scratch, but now everything is working well. I got a walk/jump/crouch/flashlight system going. I also redid some of the textures and added new assets.

Here is a preview video:


Sachtberg in Unreal Engine 4

Recently, my brother purchased a UE4 subscription and has allowed me to use it. I love it. Not to put Unity down, but I believe UE4 has many more useful features from the get-go, and is significantly cheaper than Unity. The only downside is that you need to know C++, but that isn’t too much of a problem.  It has been announced that Unreal’s developer Epic games are planning to help fund Blender’s FBX export features. Better export tools will streamline the blender to UE4 workflow, making it much more friendly for artists who can’t afford Maya or Max.

Because of the benefits, I’ve decided to switch Sachtberg from Unity to UE4. Only a few days, and I’ve already made substantial progress in blocking out a level.

ScreenShot00012 ScreenShot00014 ScreenShot00017 ScreenShot00018 ScreenShot00020 ScreenShot00021 ScreenShot00022 ScreenShot00023

Everything modeled in Blender, and textures made with Photoshop and dDo.

Sachtberg Update

Long time, no see.

I’ve been busy working on things here and there. I did a color pass of the Feeder monster I sketched out last time.


I also did more work on prop modeling

pbucket1 pbucket2

Here is a plaster bucket I modeled really quick.

The plaster bucket wasn’t my only creation, I also made a few other things, which can be seen in my progress updates:

1_28_14_sb 1_28_14_sb2 1_28_14_sb3

I redid the tunnel models to fit more of an “underground” feeling. I like these better. Much smoother looking.

Romy Redesign Run #2


For those unfamiliar, this is the second redesign pass of my Romy character for my game Sachtberg. I tried her with a longer neck and a more defined jaw (at least on the side view). I also threw some eye styles around to see what I liked. I don’t know how I feel about the wide open eyes I keep doing. It makes her look terrified.