Creative Habit – Update 1

The habit I had decided on was to do zBrush digital sculpting exercises every week. I will spend several hours a week trying different techniques or subject matter. This week, I decided to kill two birds with one stone and try my hand at sculpting a character for my personal video game project as well as practice in zBrush. Might not fit the guidelines, but I had a rough week (auto accident, etc…)


I learned that zBrush does not have backwards compatibility. I sculpted on the school computers, and the version I have at home cannot open the file, as you can see. Luckily, I made a render of the character while at school.


It’s a template character for my game, which is based on that screenplay I had written (which is based in a much larger personal project I’ve been working on for almost a decade now). I only managed to make one render because I previously expected to make more at home.

Also, my creative philosophy:

I remember one day at work writing down in my little notepad: “If it’s not worth anything, it’s not getting made” It was back when I valued my time very much, and I believed creating silly waste of time artworks was just that- a waste of time. I no longer agree with that philosophy because it seems a little cynical and harsh. My new philosophy that has sprung up over this stressful semester is “Draw, draw, draw. When you’re done, draw some more” I believe practice makes perfect.


Creative Habit Proposal

I would like to get better at digital sculpting. I suck at it. If I want to be able to make nice 3D characters quickly and correctly, practice definitely makes perfect. I may be able to take a pre-built mesh and sculpt detail onto it, but I cannot build anything from scratch and sculpt it nicely all in zBrush.

ZBrush Document

Therefore, I plan to spend 6 hours a week sculpting a character head from scratch in zBrush. They’ll probably come out terrible for a few weeks until I get the hang of it. After the project is over, I will render and present my best attempt.

Week 5 Update

Sam asked me to make some sound effects for a teaser video. After I finished them, I found out he no longer wants to make a teaser video. Oh well.

Featured here: A flapping or “fanning” sound. There are seven flaps. It was supposed to spell out “fanning”. Sam guided me to add some reverb and other qualities to it, I think he might use this effect for something else.
The second sound effect is for the word “the”. He asked for an “orb” sound. I thought about the sound it makes when you collect souls in the game Dark Souls. I managed to design it by taking the whirr of some sort of large vehicle passing by in one of my driving foley recordings.

The third sound is to represent “flame”, it is somewhat self explanatory. I made it with a few different static noise tracks and a recording of me crinkling paper.

The last sound is an ambient track to be used in the background. I managed to create it by experimenting with my synthesizers until I got something I liked. Sam suggested I turn down the “brightness” of the background instrument.