3D Sculpt Work

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Showcase of various work I’ve done throughout the spring semester.

Top: “Big Tier Monster” from my game dev class group game “Cthulu Cop”

Middle: Marija Kasatova character sculpt (personal project)

Bottom: Annie L’Montreaux, aka “The Witchdoctor”, for my Computer Animation class.

I’ve learned a lot about zbrush in a short period of time. Too bad it is prohibitively expensive for someone like me to use it at home.


Character Design Gift

(if this posts twice, wordpress deleted my first attempt at posting it, so we’ll see)

My friend “Toast” had a birthday recently, and I asked him what he wanted me to draw. He explained a race of lizard like people who live on a frozen planet. They wear “thermal armor” to survive, and have radio communications on their horns. The only colors he mentioned were black with orange veins. He provided no references or images, so I jumped in and did what I could. I started with some colored silhouettes:


After feedback from my other friend, I managed to get on a better path. He suggested I look at the work of Shane Prigmore (I got made fun of for calling him “Shaun” Prigmore on accident) and Chris Sanders (artist notable for Lilo and Stitch). Here is my final result:


Thankfully, Toast loved it.

3D Project: Interior work


I’ve been working steadily on my 3D scene project for class. The entire scene is blocked out, and now I need to work on creating textures. I also need to populate the store with books and other various items which are easily be sculpted in an hour or less.

I model the props in Blender (my preferred polygonal modeling package), and take full advantage of Blender’s UV unwrapping tools. I find Maya 2013’s UV tools to be frustratingly limited, and Roadkill isn’t a habit of mine. I export an Ambient Occlusion bake (an image that stores the dark nooks and crannies where light is trapped on objects) and the UV layout for texturing. Once it’s all done, I drop it into Maya and stage everything. I also set up VRay shaders on each object.