Programming Stuff


Playing around with procedural generation and isometric tilesets. It works, but it looks like something straight out of the late 90’s. I don’t know how I feel about that.

What it does: I created a basic tile preset, which is only a quad. Then I run a map generator script that will fill an array of tiles by instancing the preset. Then random materials are assigned to each tile (I am working on making this more “believable” instead of pure random. Probably perlin noise or something). The edges of the map are just objects appended after the map is done. Then rocks are put in random places. Unity seems to take quite a minute to build a 64×64 map, which is unusual, as my older projects could pump out 128×128 maps in less than a second when I programmed in just XNA.


Doing Stuff

I’m trying to get back into the groove after a quite successful semester (President’s list GPA). I did a few digital painting studies to keep up with my friend who has enrolled in a master-class over the summer. Here is one of my bedroom:


Along side digital painting, I’m trying a fun little project to explore different ideas for my Sachtberg universe. The following is a concept test of an isometric view.


Here is my simple implementation in Unity. I have already set up an isometric camera with custom controls (I may sell the camera on the asset store sometime soon)