School Again – Workdump

My fall semester started last Monday, and it has been a busy week.

Here is another workdump covering most of what I’ve done the past month.

8_16_14_bugs02 8_16_14_bugs03

“Bugs” – A simple artificial life experiment I programmed in C#. My original hypothesis was to determine if individually mindless agents could somehow form a “hive mind” type network that was reactive and adaptive as a single, intelligent agent. It turns out my experiment deviated from my hypothesis, but proved to be an interesting project nonetheless. A population of bugs are dropped in an environment where food is randomly placed over time. The bugs are charged with eating food and not running out of energy. When a bug finds food, it “screeches” to call other bugs to come help eat it. The blue-greenish graph display is a record of the population over time. Bugs would “explode”, eat all the food, reproduce, and then die quickly in a regular cycle. I plan to do more with the Bugs demo later.

8_30_marpage 8_30_ivan

I spent some time trying to improve two of my characters’ design and style. (The drawings of Marija were traced over my 3D model, just to see how nice it would look done this way)


While we’re on the subject, My friend gave me good pointers and helped me vastly improve my Marija character model’s rig. There are still some weird problems to work out (like how her leg is bent oddly), but it is coming along quite well now that I have some guidance.

In my 3D character animation / simulation class this semester, our first project was to play with “Norman“, a free example character rig for Maya. Drawing inspiration from the various Source FilmMaker videos I’ve seen on youtube, I proceeded to have fun with this one.


Getting to be not rusty again

Ugh. I’m feeling rusty at drawing right now. My arm doesn’t want to loosen up. Hearing my friends talk over skype is getting on my nerves really bad. The vibrations of their voice. Their keyboard clattering, things thunking, and the room buzzing. Each sound is like knives into my concentration. I want to like throw a brick at a window. I could leave the call but I don’t want to be rude. It isn’t their fault, I’m just in that certain mood I suppose. A probable result of a combination of coffee and a short uncomfortable nap.



Here are some (angrily done) gesture drawings I did referencing PixelLovely.

Hopefully I’ll manage to relax soon. I’m going to make it a goal to spend time every day doing gesture drawings until school starts- and before classes when it finally starts.

Workdump – June/July

I call it a “Workdump”. I’ll upload samples of things I’ve worked on for the past two months.


I am learning how to get faster at speed painting and value control. This is the first attempt. 20 min. Not great, but it’s a start.



No real progress on my Marija character model, but I did have fun making her do silly expressions. Her body armature is terrible by the way.



One of my sketch pages. Here, I am experimenting with Human character styles.



I’ve been playing with environmental thumbnail sketches for my game.



Another revision of my character for my game as well. She doesn’t fit the gritty theme though, so I’ll have to do it again.



I spent more time learning how to use dDo by texturing various props for my game.

I thought I was being useless these two months but it turns out I got at least a few things done.