Sketchbook: Week 2

9_29_14_sketchbook01 9_29_14_sketchbook02 9_29_14_sketchbook03 9_29_14_sketchbook04

This week, I decided to upload a selection of the life sketches I did at the North Market and Goodale Park in downtown Columbus earlier this year.


Sketchbook: Week 1

9_24_14_sketchbook1 9_24_14_sketchbook2 9_24_14_sketchbook3 9_24_14_sketchbook4 9_24_14_sketchbook5 9_24_14_sketchbook6

Pages from my “From Greatness to Dust and Back Again” story sketchbook over the past week. Character studies, inventing a new tribal-clan culture idea, cosmonauts, sketches of a few inspirations, personal criticism on mistakes in drawings, and making fun of myself and my characters being “furries” (all in good spirits, of course). I intend to upload weekly with my sketchbook work to keep things alive around here while school is going on.

(artist who drew the mech I referenced: Simon Stålenhag)