“Greatness to Dust” Comic Season 1

During the summer, I was busy developing and producing my first webcomic series “From Greatness to Dust and Back Again” which can be read on either Tumblr or Tapastic.

The process of going from storyboard to finished panel illustrations weekly was rather unfamiliar to me, and I ended up making a few mistakes I could learn from. I never established a “design bible” for the comic. Earlier pages were black-and-white “inked” storyboard sketches (which for some reason I thought looked acceptable at the time), while later pages are fully illustrated digital paintings. Even then, the style and technique I was using changed gradually across each page. Characters often went off model and changed stylistically over panels- a problem that could have been easily solved if I had done turn-arounds and model sheets for each character.


(A good example of how my character went off model and changed stylistically… literally on the next panel)

I also decided to accept using my 3D model heavily for reference. I felt for a time that using the 3D model was “cheating” or a way that would hinder my artistic improvement. However, I realized I’ve been learning a lot about lighting and perspective through using the model as reference. I would agree using 3D models a different artist had made would not be very legitimate, but fortunately I modeled this myself.


(This image demonstrates the original storyboard style I thought was going to work, and then my process of using my 3D model to assist in a final illustration)

Once school is over, I will resume with Season 2. This time around, I’ll make sure to have character model sheets, a style guide, a technique guide, and as much other that I can plan out beforehand.


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