Workdump – June/July

I call it a “Workdump”. I’ll upload samples of things I’ve worked on for the past two months.


I am learning how to get faster at speed painting and value control. This is the first attempt. 20 min. Not great, but it’s a start.



No real progress on my Marija character model, but I did have fun making her do silly expressions. Her body armature is terrible by the way.



One of my sketch pages. Here, I am experimenting with Human character styles.



I’ve been playing with environmental thumbnail sketches for my game.



Another revision of my character for my game as well. She doesn’t fit the gritty theme though, so I’ll have to do it again.



I spent more time learning how to use dDo by texturing various props for my game.

I thought I was being useless these two months but it turns out I got at least a few things done.



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