Too Much

I’ve been working on my character for too long it seems. I’m getting sick of working on this and I need to take a break but I don’t really feel like getting in to anything else. I also don’t want to forget to finish the character so it’s quite the dilemma.

What I’ve been doing:

I spent a lot of time learning how to make hair in Blender Cycles.


This was my first attempt. I think it looks like a fire aura. Someone else described it as “liquid gold”. Either way, it doesn’t work. The flatness of each hair clump is at the wrong angle on the top of the head, giving her “big Texas hair”



My second attempt yields better results, but the color is flat and boring. It is a good start, however.



To add variety, I added a texture that defines subtle differences in color for each hair, a color-ramp that makes the hairs get more “orange” at the roots to match the fur color, and a mixer to brighten and intensify the highlights. There was something about the hair around where the “widow’s peak” would be that bothered me, and the frizzy hairs along the side were too uniform.



After a lot of tweaking, researching, and obnoxiously long render times, I finally get something I’m pleased with. I have the displeasure of having lower-end computers to work with. I could either have a 12 hour render time, or have her look like she’s in the sparkle-verse. I can’t afford a $1500+ rig.

Next step is to do the fur. Considering how long it took to render the scalp-hair, I’m not too excited for this part. If you’re wondering why her tail is just a “stick” in the last image, it’s because I’m preparing it for the fur layer.

Can I take a break? I want to do some digital paintings of things that aren’t characters. We’ll see about that.


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