Character Design Gift

(if this posts twice, wordpress deleted my first attempt at posting it, so we’ll see)

My friend “Toast” had a birthday recently, and I asked him what he wanted me to draw. He explained a race of lizard like people who live on a frozen planet. They wear “thermal armor” to survive, and have radio communications on their horns. The only colors he mentioned were black with orange veins. He provided no references or images, so I jumped in and did what I could. I started with some colored silhouettes:


After feedback from my other friend, I managed to get on a better path. He suggested I look at the work of Shane Prigmore (I got made fun of for calling him “Shaun” Prigmore on accident) and Chris Sanders (artist notable for Lilo and Stitch). Here is my final result:


Thankfully, Toast loved it.


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