Programming: “Graphmaster”


I got intense with c# programming today. I wrote a winforms application that can take an array of numbers and render a pretty graph. I used no premade stuff. The graph renderer is where 90% of my time was dedicated. It was much more of a challenge than it should have been to make the nice gradient based on the height of the point.

Why is this useful? I can doctor it up and make a presentable application capable of loading number arrays (like from files, or input manually, or generated algorithmically) so visualizing these number sets is easier. A graph tool isn’t spectacular, but it can be nifty for debugging. The screenshot above is actually a graph of a temperature/season function, which I wouldn’t have been able to fine tune easily without seeing the function visually.

I’m sure plenty of graphing applications are available commercially but it’s always a benefit when you can write your own solution to a simple problem instead of shelling out your hard-earned money.


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