Creative Habit: Final Post – Progress

I’ve come a long way in this class. I’ve learned a lot about maintaining a blog, working with directors and teams, and how to stay consistent with working on projects.

My creative habit of doing a zBrush sculpt weekly was a great experience. For my final work in the Creative Habit project I decided to revamp my arm sculpture. My goal was to try and fix the proportion errors and add much more realistic details.


Here is where I left off. Not bad, but I was bothered by some proportion errors and lack of detail.


I started adding veins, more wrinkles, and musculature.


Using the Clay Buildup tool (adds onto the model as if you were putting more clay onto a real sculpture) I worked in the muscles and tendons of the hand. Ultimately, these would be smoothed out, but they provide a good foundation for making the skin look real. I learned this technique from reading a magazine titled 3D World. My school library has a subscription and I read them every month.

On the next post, the final renders will be revealed.




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