Creative Habit Update

This week I decided to try and sculpt an arm.

My first problem: Where do I start?


I tried sculpting from a sphere but it didn’t go so well. I decided to try a tool known as a zSphere which lets you block out a basic shape by connecting spheres together.


I then used a tool called “Adaptive Skinning” (no, it does not flay somebody) to turn the zSphere armature into “clay”.


I started pushing things around and tightening it up to make a better base for an arm.


I realized fingers weren’t as easy to sculpt out of my current topology (number of points I can manipulate). I ended up stretching out these nasty claw looking things as a foundation for adding more points to it.


My first try didn’t go so well…


I decided my second try was going to have to do. Looking back, I realize now that I should have made the finger “sketches” more uniform in thickness. The final result is a little unusual looking. Ultimately, I used another tool called “Remesh”. This tool kept the contour of my sculpture, but redistributed the points so they were more even and usable.


I spent a good deal of time laying in details. I sculpted muscular/bone landmarks, I added a skin texture, and tweaked things to look more proportional. I had a finished sculpt on my “hands”.

08 09 10


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