Week 5 Update

Sam asked me to make some sound effects for a teaser video. After I finished them, I found out he no longer wants to make a teaser video. Oh well.

Featured here: A flapping or “fanning” sound. There are seven flaps. It was supposed to spell out “fanning”. Sam guided me to add some reverb and other qualities to it, I think he might use this effect for something else.
The second sound effect is for the word “the”. He asked for an “orb” sound. I thought about the sound it makes when you collect souls in the game Dark Souls. I managed to design it by taking the whirr of some sort of large vehicle passing by in one of my driving foley recordings.

The third sound is to represent “flame”, it is somewhat self explanatory. I made it with a few different static noise tracks and a recording of me crinkling paper.

The last sound is an ambient track to be used in the background. I managed to create it by experimenting with my synthesizers until I got something I liked. Sam suggested I turn down the “brightness” of the background instrument.


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