Week 3 Update

I did get pretty sick over the weekend, but I still made time to produce a 2 minute audio test for our project. I was shooting for a “fog-burst” ambience with various forest noises and people talking. Because it is a demo, there are a few oddities here and there that I will refine for the larger final sound design. For instance, the tapping sound in the middle will have some Equalization (EQ) and pitch adjustments, and the talking at the end should sound less “psychedelic”. Fun fact- I acquired the talking audio at the end by turning on my recorder while our group was deliberating on something. I think it’d be cool to add a little bit of ‘us’ to the sound.

Link to my demo – Dropbox


(A still from Sam’s Fan the Flame demo video. He paired the video with my audio track, but I haven’t been sent a link to that version yet)


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