Project Update: Week 2

Armed with my Zoom H1 Handy Stereo recorder and my two favorite editing programs, FLstudio and Audacity, I’ve been working on acquiring audio of nature and forests for our project. So far, I have collected some crickets and frogs loops, and a few shorter one-shots (a single distinct sound that is meant to be played only once, or at least very rarely) of various nature things.

My current task is to record some repetitive things people do, like tapping on things or making little noises. Sam has also asked I start trying out musical effects to tie into these repetitive noises. I am not entirely sure which direction he wants to take the musical elements just yet, so I will get more sounds to be prepared.


One thought on “Project Update: Week 2

  1. Hi Seth,
    For sound design with lots of musical/rhythmic sound effects you might want to check out:
    Berberian Sound Studio-this just came out and is all about sound design!
    Eraserhead (David Lynch)
    Pi, Requiem for a Dream, or really any Darren Aronofsky films
    Safe (Todd Haynes)
    Apocalypse Now (Coppola)
    The Shining (Kubrick)
    Daisies (this is a weird one in the best way possible…a great Czech film)
    Fight Club

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