Outdoors Inside Project

I have been chosen to be the Sound Technician for Burke and Sam’s “Outdoors Inside” project. I am excited to see what I can do with my audio and musical skills.

Ideas for the project:

Rural scene – I think it could be interesting to base the scene in the Hocking Hills forest or perhaps the farmlands along State Route 664. I think it is really beautiful down there compared to the farms you might find along Route 33 or anything else in central Ohio.


(top: map of hocking hills region. bottom: small waterfall lake at Old Man’s Cave)

Urban scene – after some consideration, I’m not too keen on the idea of an urban scene. Assuming this piece will be presented on campus (which is in the city), people may be less excited to see more city around them. A suburban area or another less “downtown” scene could be more entertaining.

Conceptual – Apparently my sound design demos have inspired the director to have our project “go dark”. This would allow me to really experiment with audio instead of simply trying to reproduce outdoor sounds. I imagined dark shapes shooting by suddenly with intense bass-drop kind of sounds and other unusual ambient effects.


(A scene from one of my storyboard projects. Probably nowhere close to what we’re looking for, but just to get the ball rolling)


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