Pipeline Project: Final Proposal

I have taken note and revised my proposal.


My project idea is to make a 2D animation based on a screenplay I have written. Currently, the screenplay would result in an animation of about 10 minutes, but if my proposal is chosen, I will get right to work trimming out and shortening it to a goal of about 3 minutes.

The screenplay is titled “They Call me Anot”. It is about a young Lisovyek (a species I have created which are basically foxes evolved to humans) who has to make a journey to a foreign clan to protect his own. It is about testing love under intense stress. Will the protagonist, Anot, be able to uphold his marriage after the events that play out on the fateful day his clan is attacked and their best fighter is killed?

Project Overview:

Writer/Director – Seth

I have not named any other members of the group. We will need animators, concept artists, storyboard artist, sound designer, editorial team (documentation), Illustrators or Photographers for the backgrounds. I would also need voice actors.

As it is highly important to me that the characters are designed to my “anatomic rules”, I will be producing a guidesheet to elaborate on how the characters are built and how they look. I will grant creative freedom to stylize the characters as long as they meet my rules.


Production Time:

Week 1: Concept art, story revision, team organization

Week 2: Final story. Storyboards. Animation basic layouts. Background Art.

Week 3: Animation. Sound design and voice acting.

Week 4: Animation.

Week 5: Finalization of animation/composition. Preparation for release.



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