Pipeline Project

Approaching a project that is to be designed for a team of 15 people to produce is much more daunting than I had expected. Many of my ideas were too much:


#1: A 10 minute animation based on a screenplay I have written for my Screenwriting class.

The reason I see this project not being suitable is the time limit. 10 minutes is a lot of work to do. Cropping the story would in my opinion make it less meaningful. It would take a lot of reworking to make it fit my vision in a shorter duration. If everyone believes we could pull it off, sure. I’d love to work on it.


A very old digital painting of mine (circa 2009) of a character from said story. It is still the only relevant image I have for it.


#2:  A simple video game built in Unity.

I’ve always been interested in working on a small video game with a team of people. I believe many of my classmates have yet to learn or are not interested in working with 3D, so a 2D video game would be acceptable.
I am a capable programmer well learned in the C# language, and could provide programming to power the art and story.


A video game I am currently developing on my own time


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