Face in the Mountain


After some deliberation and input from classmates, I’ve decided upon the face in the mountains idea. Not like the presidents at Mt. Rushmore, but rather a natural formation playing upon the “pareidoliac apophenia” phenomenon.


(photograph source: city-data.com  Lancaster, OH)

There is a mountain in my home town known as Mount Pleasant. It has a rocky cliff face that overlooks everything. This mountain and the way it sort of “watches over” Lancaster was an inspiration for my design.


I got started by blocking out a basic land formation in my favorite 3D tool, Blender. My next step is to port it over to Zbrush and begin sculpting the details.


2 thoughts on “Face in the Mountain

  1. I believe to make the face blend better with the mountain, perhaps have the eyes closed? Because there’s so much detail with eyes, they’d be spotted sooner than the other parts of the face.

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